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stack of vaeven coverlets being placed onto wooden chair

About Us

VAEVEN, meaning the loom in Danish, is a design company dedicated to creating considered objects focused on materiality and craftsmanship.

Our design process is organic and product driven; our ongoing engagement with various handworking techniques results in periodic releases of ethically made, small-scale editions.

VAEVEN’s first edition explores Folk Weaving, specifically celebrating the resurgence of the classic American overshot coverlet. Inspired by her grandmother’s collection of antique blankets, the founder, Laura Chambers, set out to revitalize their legacy. The result is a collection of 100% baby alpaca coverlets and cushions, expertly hand woven in the Andes of Peru.


Laura Chambers, designer, was born in Denmark and raised in the English countryside.

With a passion for literature and language, she is interested in the communicative potential of natural materials and craft techniques. Using her fifteen years of experience sourcing fabric in the fashion industry, she seeks out the best makers in the world with whom to partner on her designs.

She believes that the best way to honor tradition is to challenge, question, and if necessary, reinvent.

Photo of Laura Chambers, Founder
beige sofa with gray coverlet draped over


The overshot coverlet is one of the mainstays of modern North America’s textile heritage. With roots in European weaving traditions, this versatile and decorative bed-covering was a staple in the early American household.

The name “overshot” refers to the weave technique, where the weft yarn floats over several warp yarns, allowing the weaver to achieve endless geometric combinations.

Our overshot coverlet embodies multicultural histories; it has always been a constantly evolving art form, traditionally woven by both women and men, subject to constant reinterpretation. For us, it transcends culture and time.

Alpaca pelt being inspected by three hands


Our textiles are woven by hand in the Andes of Peru, a place with its own ancient textile heritage, by an exclusive group of expert weavers.

They weave with extremely soft 100% baby alpaca, one of the world’s most noble and sustainable fibers. Alpacas have a royal heritage deeply rooted within the history of the Incan people, and are able to produce an incredibly fine high-grade wool which can rival merino in its versatility and cashmere in its softness and warmth.

landscape of mountains and water